Yazor Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme

The Yazor Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) is the first part of a two-part strategy to significantly reduce the incidence of flooding in the western and northern parts of Hereford.

As a direct result of the scheme, over 100 existing homes and businesses now have a significantly reduced risk from large flooding events.

The second part of the strategy comprises measures within the city that will improve surface water drainage and any residual flooding impacts.

The FAS works by diverting floodwater that would otherwise enter the city and cause damage, through a 1.3km long, 2m diameter buried pipe. During flood events, which are expected to occur about twice a year, water will flow through this system into the River Wye at Credenhill.  For the rest of the year, when flow levels are normal, the water will continue on its current course, so that the environmental quality of the Yazor Brook and especially its ecology is maintained.

Construction of the FAS started in April 2011. It is now operational in case of major storms and was completed within budget.

For more information on the Yazor Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme, contact Charles Pickles on 01432 370681 or charles@herefordfutures.co.uk

Link to the CEEQUAL site's information on FAS