City Centre Parking

The redevelopment of the Old Market, Link Road and Urban Village in particular, will result in changes to car parking arrangements across the city. In partnership with Herefordshire Council, Futures will ensure that the parking needs for the city can be met at any time.

In the planning stage for any development, the company will assess the likely impact on existing parking spaces and where the number of spaces does not match the demand, plans will be put in place for alternative spaces elsewhere.

The first parking changes are now happening. Parking within the Old Market and part of Garrick surface car park near to the Old Market is ceasing with commencement of demolition. Our assessment in this instance concluded that there is sufficient local parking capacity, both in the Garrick multi-storey and Merton Meadow car parks, to cater for that loss. When the new leisure and shopping facilities open in 2014, there will be 600 new parking spaces available for use.

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